Imasafe Silicone Baby Feeding Set – 6 Pieces

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Imasafe Silicone Baby Feeding Set | Complete 6-Piece | Baby-Led Weaning Essentials | Includes Suction Plate, Bowl, Cup, Spoon, Fork, and Bib | Safe and Durable Baby Feeding Products

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“Make mealtime a breeze with our Complete 6-Piece Silicone Baby Feeding Set, specially designed for baby-led weaning. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to introduce solid foods to your little one, all crafted from durable, food-grade, BPA-free silicone.
*Suction Plate:* Stays securely in place to prevent spills and messes, allowing your baby to explore food independently.
*Bowl*: Ideal for serving a variety of foods, with a suction base to keep it stable.
*Cup:* Perfect for small hands to grasp, helping your baby learn to drink independently.
*Spoon and Fork:* Designed for easy gripping and gentle on your baby’s gums, promoting self-feeding skills.
*Bib: A soft, adjustable bib that catches spills and dribbles, keeping your baby clean and comfortable.”

  • All-in-One Feeding Solution: Our Silicone Baby Feeding Set includes everything you need for hassle-free self-feeding: 1 suction plate, 1 suction bowl, 1 silicone bib, 1 sipper cup, 1 infant spoon, and 1 infant fork. This comprehensive set is crafted from high-quality, BPA-free silicone material, ensuring your baby’s health and safety during mealtime.
  • “Strong Suction Power: The suction plate and bowl feature an extra-large suction base, providing an ultimate hold on smooth surfaces to prevent tipping and spills. The divided plate has a 35% higher rim than average plates, minimizing mess during mealtime. The bowl is designed for easy scooping, reducing food mess and making self-feeding simpler.”
  • Sturdy and Comfortable Bib: Our silicone bib is designed with a deeper and sturdier pocket, keeping it widely open to catch food efficiently. It sits flat on your baby’s chest without warping, ensuring comfort and reducing irritation during meals.
  • Easy to Use & Clean: The feeding set features an ergonomic design, making it easy for your little one to hold and use independently, promoting self-feeding skills. Cleaning up after meals is effortless with our dishwasher-safe silicone baby feeding set, saving you time and effort.
  • Sipper Cup for Easy Transition: Our mini sipper cup facilitates the transition to open cups with its 2 oz capacity, providing the right amount of liquid for your baby. The tapered shape ensures that liquid flows directly into your baby’s mouth, making the transition easier and more comfortable.

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