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What is Khushi Ki Udaan

Khushi ki udaan is an initiative from Imasafe to help spread awareness on topics period poverty, menstrual hygiene, sustainable menstrual products for the betterment of women along with the environment. 

Why menstrual health matters?

Menstrual health is not just a personal matter; it's a societal concern that influences the well-being of women and the communities they belong to. By prioritizing menstrual health, we address not only the physical aspects but also the social and economic dimensions of women's lives.

At Imasafe, we are committed to break down the stigma and barriers surrounding menstrual health. Our CSR initiatives focus on:

Education Programs

Providing comprehensive menstrual health education to girls and women, fostering awareness and understanding

Access to Hygiene Products

Ensuring that women have access to high-quality, affordable menstrual hygiene products, promoting dignity and comfort.

Community Engagement

Collaborating with communities to eliminate stigma and create supportive environments for women to manage their menstrual health with ease


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