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  • Sterilizer Cups

    Imasafe® Menstrual Cup Collapsible Sterilizer | Purple

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  • Menstrual Cups

    Imasafe®Menstrual Cup | Aqua Green

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  • Menstrual Cups

    Imasafe® Menstrual Cup | Black

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  • Menstrual Cups

    Imasafe® Menstrual Cup | Pink

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  • Menstrual Cups

    Imasafe® Menstrual Cup | Purple

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Founded and led by women

Started since 2019, we are committed to enhance the period experience for women.

Available in 3 different sizes

We offer a range of menstrual cups with 6 vibrant colors and 3 size options each.

3000+ menstrual cups donated

Promoting women's empowerment by eliminating period poverty.

Redefining periods with menstrual cups

Not only are we safer for you, but we are also safer for the environment.

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Need help in choosing the right size for you?

It is crucial to consider one's anatomy, physical activities, and the amount of menstrual flow when selecting a menstrual cup size. Read our size guide for a better understanding of which size would suit you.

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why imasafe®

Started by women for women, we at Imasafe® are committed to providing the best feminine hygiene products to tackle period poverty. Our products are made of 100% medical-grade liquid Silicone which has an FDA approval along with many other certifications.

up to 8 hours
odor free

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Imasafe® super standards

know the experience of Imasafe® customers

Comfortable and of good value
I have been using menstrual cups before, but this one is great because it is easy to pull out.

Jyoti Kumawat

Worth every penny!!
What I really liked about it was the price, the flexibility, the softness of the silicone, and the overall packaging and quality.

Deepika Jaiswal

Rash free, leak proof and comfortable
I was very apprehensive, but using it was both convenient and comfortable. Women who are prone to allergies must have this menstrual cup.

Sheetal Mishra

First time user of menstrual cup
I've been using the product for 4 months now, and I absolutely love it. And it never leaked. 5 stars, definitely!

Manisha Boga

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